the brief

Healthcare at Home are market leaders in providing clinical care for patients in their own home. But in 2014, operational issues impacted their performance, damaging the brand’s reputation. They wanted to rebuild trust in their service.

the thinking

When something happens, when you’re at your most vulnerable, your first instinct is to get back home. It's a desire we all share. So doesn't it make sense after an operation or illness for you to recover in the place you feel safest?

the approach

We repositioned the brand around this insight, providing a platform for the company to communicate in a way that resonated with everyone from pharmaceutical and NHS Trust executives, to physicians, pharmacists, patients, and even potential new recruits. The new identity, fundamentally transforming the company from the logo upwards, was fully integrated across the entire business. Internally, office space, IT systems, communication platforms, stationery and company values were updated. Externally, a multi-channel advertising campaign promoted the new brand identity and proposition statement.


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Cannes Lions Health (2 Silver, 1 Bronze)

IPA Best of Health (3 Bronze)