The brief

Idis specialises in Managed Access Programs, frameworks that connect patients who have run out of treatment options with medicines in pharmaceutical portfolios. It means otherwise unavailable drugs can be used to save the lives of otherwise untreatable patients. But awareness of this critically important service was low.

The thinking

Right across the world, patients have recovered from their situation because of Idis' ability to get them the drug they needed. The most compelling way to convey the sheer scale of this undertaking, and the impact this has on people's lives, is to bring these hidden stories to a wider audience.

The approach

We created a fully-integrated awareness campaign exploring the personal struggles of patients, pharmacists, and physicians who had run out of treatment options, and how they were helped by Idis. A highly-targeted media strategy drove people to a responsive website showcasing a series of authentic documentary-style films. Newspapers, postcards, emailers and posters completed this immersive brand experience, which led people on a journey of discovery about why so many people are able to say: I Did This With Idis.



Cannes Lions Health (2 Silver, 1 Bronze)

Clio Healthcare (1 Silver)

Creative Floor Awards (Winner)

Global Awards (Grand Global, 6 Globals)

IAB (Winner)

IPA Best of Health (Best of Show, 1 Gold, 9 Silver, 6 Bronze)

MM&M (2 Silver)

PM Society (Commended, Highly commended, Joint winner)

RX Awards (1 Gold)